Finals Week Spring 2018

  • We do not meet as a class.
  • Blogging continues through W 6/13 following the regular schedule (get details).
  • The grading self-assessment is due at 6:00 pm on R 6/14 (get details)
  • My office hours will change for finals week. Check my faculty homepage for specific days and times.
  • The final deadline for work to count for normal letter grades in Spring 2018 is 5:00 pm on F 6/15. No extensions will be granted for after that day and time. Refer to individual assignments for details.

Typepad maintenance

FYI, Typepad appears to be in a recurring maintenance cycle. Right now work appears to be intermittent. However, your access to the blog may be affected. Be patient, and feel free to contact me if lack of access becomes a barrier to completing your comments.

Remember, you track the status of Typepad at and on Twitter.

Finals Week information

  • My finals week office hours will be posted to my faculty homepage by Thursday (6/6) afternoon.
  • Blogging continues until 11:59 pm on T 6/11.
  • Film Analyses for Broken Flowers due following the normal schedule, as are the Film Notes for Jim Jarmusch.
  • See the Calendar and the instructions for the final essay for information about other assignments due during Finals Week.
  • The deadline for any and all work for Spring 2013 is 5:00 pm on F 6/14. Work submitted after that deadline will not be counted towards a regular letter grade for this term.
  • Please note that I will be away at a conference June 12-15. I will still be available via e-mail during this time and will be on campus M 6/17.
  • We will not meet as a class during finals week.